Month: December 2018

Going Back to School—Advice for Working Adults, pt. 3.

Working and Going to School—Caring for Yourself A thousand-mile journey is done one step at a time, as the saying goes. Managing your work, school and personal life during this time will be lived one day at a time. You will be developing, using and mastering new life skills. You will be learning and growing. … Read More >

How to Take Notes—Laptop or Pen & Paper?

Walk into any college classroom and there they are—student faces lit up by laptop screens. A few students still have notebooks, pens, pencils and a handful of highlighters. When they all leave class, who will retain more of the professor’s lecture? Taking good notes is arguably the most important component to your academic success. Writing … Read More >

Going Back to School–Advice for Working Adults, pt. 2

Working and Going Back to School—Managing It All A growing number of working adults are enrolling in college to advance their careers. With degrees in hand, their incomes will increase, and they can expect greater job security with more opportunities for promotions. In our previous post, RN Nursing Prep shared ideas to help working adults … Read More >

Going Back to School–Advice for Working Adults, pt. 1

Working and Going Back to School—Getting Started You hear about it everywhere—the benefits of having a college diploma—higher wages, more career opportunities and better job security. Of course, you want those things. Perhaps your employer has told you they think you should get your degree. However, there is so much to decide—how to afford it … Read More >

An RN for Christmas—The Gift That Keeps on Giving

It’s the season of gift giving. Do you want a gift that lasts—both for yourself and those you love? Consider giving the gift of education. It’s the gift that will last a lifetime. Earning an RN degree brings many benefits—greater income, more career options and financial security are tangible ones. The intangible benefits are significant … Read More >