Month: February 2019

How CLEP Helps High School Students

More and more colleges are adapting their practices to meet the needs of working adults—those with careers and families. Online classes are multiplying, more classroom courses are done at night or on weekends, allowing adults to earn their degrees while meeting their work and family responsibilities.  But, what if you are a high school student … Read More >

What is CLEP? Your Basic CLEP Questions Answered

RNNP Education Consultants know that to earn your RN, you will not only have to pass nursing courses and the NCLEX, but some general education courses as well.  Subscribers to RN NursingPrep choose to ‘test out’ of their nursing courses rather than spend months in class. This helps them earn those credits more quickly and … Read More >

Tips to Improve Your Memory

Of all the tools in a student’s mental toolbox, memory is one of the most used… and least considered for improvement. Think about it. You’re working to to develop solid study habits and techniques so you can learn. Where does everything you learn get stored? Your memory! You can improve this all-important mental capacity with … Read More >