Nursing Programs Rejecting Applicants

Nursing Programs Rejecting Applicants

As we’ve discussed in a previous post, there is a shortage of nurses in the country—and researchers are predicting that this shortage will worsen significantly. By 2022, nearly a third of nursing jobs (1 million) will need to be filled as Baby Boomers retire and the need for healthcare workers continues to grow.

In this CNN Business article the dilemma is explained. Some of the pertinent facts are:

  • Nursing programs have 4-6 times the number of qualified applicants than they have places for.
  • Some nursing programs are lessening their teacher to student ratio, thereby reducing further the number of students in their programs.
  • Nursing teachers are retiring and working nurses are not becoming teachers as they can earn up to $20,000 more per year as practicing nurses than teaching.
  • Even finding needed clinical instruction space is an issue.  Facilities have to expand if schools want to expand their nursing programs.

Nursing educators are working to establish new approaches to nurse training and education, but what can an individual do to earn their RN if they cannot enroll in a local nursing program when they are ready?  

For the working LPN/LVN who wants to get their ASN there is an option other than their local community college. Excelsior College awards an ASN and all of their required courses can be earned by passing examinations.  

Examinations that award credit are often referred to as Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) or Credit by Examination (CBE). There is a long-standing precedent for this approach—CLEP exams, for example, have been around for over 50 years.

There is growing acceptance of examinations for credit. After all, if a person can walk in and pass the equivalent of a college course final exam, it proves they have hit the books and learned the facts, concepts, vocabulary, and processes they must know to pass it! Why not grant the credit?  

Why not, indeed. RN NursingPrep offers all of the nursing exam prep courses required for Excelsior College’s ASN program. Some of the credits will come from CLEP exams and can be passed using SpeedyPrep, a sister site of RN NursingPrep.

RN NursingPrep’s courses are an affordable alternative for working LPN/LPNs. They are complete and all studying is done online—with support from the RN NursingPrep community or even a nurse mentor.  The price per course is lower than most other programs. The program uses multiple approaches to teaching the material in each course to keep learning fresh.

If you think that you can use online courses and study independently while continuing to work and have a life, RN NursingPrep is available for you to start as soon as you decide. Why not learn more by going to The RN NursingPrep support team is available to answer any questions you have.

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