What is Credit by Examination? And, why RN NursingPrep?

College credit examinations are widely accepted by colleges and universities. By passing these exams, you may earn one-third or more of the credits required for a college degree. These examinations are similar to end-of-course exams offered by colleges and universities.
There are currently 70 credit by examination subjects that students can take to earn college credit. These tests include CLEP, DSST, ECE and TECP. Credit-by-Exams allow students to earn college credit by testing knowledge gained through military classes, technical assignments or through personal reading, travel, and intellectual curiosity, without attending class.

When you pass a credit by exam (CBE), you prove you have fundamental and working knowledge of a college-level subject. CBE results become a part of your permanent college transcript. These exams can be used to fulfill requirements at your local campus or to obtain your ASN Degree from Excelsior College.*

RN NursingPrep provides online courses to prepare for Life Span Development Psychology, Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology and all the courses required for your ASN. If you need general education courses you can use our sister company SpeedyPrep. They offer a monthly subscription for $24.95 per month which provides access to all the courses you will need to fulfill general education requirements. They also offer a money back guarantee.

RN NursingPrep provides online lectures, chapter tests, quizzes, flashcards, matching games and an end of course final. You will also be a member of the RN NursingPrep community for you to chat with others about your experience and to share insights along the way.

There are various options for preparing for credit by examination: just winging-it, reading through text books or ploughing through workbooks. RN NursingPrep’s materials offer an alternative that is based on mastery learning technique: that repeated demonstration of correctly answering questions leads to facts and concepts being locked in your memory, ready to recall when you take your exam.

RN NursingPrep’s study courses do require textbooks so you can master the subject matter. The course will provide you with the facts, terms and concepts you need to know to pass your DSST or ECE exam. The explanations, power point presentations and videos in each chapter will give you added context and understanding of what you are learning.

RN NursingPrep work is done entirely online and can be used on any mobile device.

RN NursingPrep guarantees its courses. If you do not pass the first time and made a 90% or higher on all graded course material, RN NursingPrep will allow you to retake the course at no charge. Please review our Guarantee policy here.